2 house mod

  • Could someone please translate into english the installation instructions for the AJ_ekhaus 2 house mod. I have read it as best I can and have unzipped the archive into My Documents/City in motion/ addons but nothing appears in the game. Any help gratefully received.

  • I've put it in -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Cities In Motion\addons\AJ_Eckhaus (win 7 64bit) and it works great
    so, the files must be placed in the addons folder from your installed game.
    (sorry for my suboptimal english) :)

  • The Plugin AJ-Eckhaus coming in the folder:
    \C:\Users\<Useraccount>\Documents\Cities In Motion\addons\AJ_Eckhaus...
    sorry for not Instruction in the english-language, i can bad english speaking and writing :(

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