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  • Soviet Dream

    julbobr - - 0 Comments

    Update of the USSR buildings pack has inspired me to create a new city where such buildings would be present. However it is not quite a typical Soviet city. This is how would look any big USSR city (in my imagination :) ) if the course of history has…
  • Kilt Rock

    julbobr - - 0 Comments

    Kilt Rock is colorful and highly detailed map by Omsk, julbobr and Alex. It represents smaller and significantly modified version of York City (UK).
    You can start playing in 1970. But the city continues to grow and develop till 1993.
    There are some new
  • Night Drost

    julbobr - - 0 Comments

    Night Drost is a beautiful modern city with it's historical center preserved. It has been actively developed starting from 2005 with the election of a new mayor till 2020. It has a lot of beautiful parks and sights. It also has every building and street…
  • Sqwatercity

    julbobr - - 0 Comments

    Enough original and unusual map for CiM containing a lot of details which you have never seen before on any of other ones. It has taken me two month to create it. That is why I’m looking forward for your reviews with great anticipation :)
    Note: London and…

    In der Oasenstadt gibt es alles, vor allem viel grün. Es gibt einen großen Hauptplatz mit drei U-Bahn Stationen, einen großen Stadtpark, einen Vergnügungspark, ein Einkaufsviertel, eine Bürocity, einen Flughafen, zwei Bahnhofterminals im…
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Soviet Dream

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Kilt Rock

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Night Drost

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Bergen an der Waldstraße

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New Cavendish City (Day and Night)

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