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  • Hello everyone.

    I have not enough time now to finish my city due to my job. So i give you what i created 1 year ago.
    Enjoy it :thumbup:

  • Vyborg
    Authors: Reinhard Adelmann, Thomas Deverell
    Region: Germany
    Size: 1280x1280
    Development: no
    Population: 96209
    The map Vyborg is unique and inimitable, won't leave indifferent anyone who appreciates beauty. It's been created very rigorously…
  • Ich habe meine Karte namens Uhlerborn überarbeitet und dadurch sehr, sehr stark verbessert!
    Es macht nun allein schon viel Spaß, der Stadt am Leben zuzuschauen, weil alles durch die Szenerie belebter wirkt.

    2gleisig mit Kreuzung.jpg

    In den Downloads gibt es…
  • Nightington

    julbobr - - 0 Comments

    This time we decided to create a map of a night city which will enable all players to play on it - even the owners of "tired" and not very powerful computers. This will be possible due to the minimum number of the required mods (only 2!) and small size…
  • Soviet Dream

    julbobr - - 0 Comments

    Update of the USSR buildings pack has inspired me to create a new city where such buildings would be present. However it is not quite a typical Soviet city. This is how would look any big USSR city (in my imagination :) ) if the course of history has…

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