• Nightington

    This time we decided to create a map of a night city which will enable all players to play on it - even the owners of "tired" and not very powerful computers. This will be possible due to the minimum number of the required mods (only 2!) and small size of the map. Moreover, especially for those who don't like night cities due to the fact that they are quite dark we light up all the buildings from inside and place thousands of streetlights throughout the town. It will make game on the map much more comfortable.
    Nightington is a small charming town in the South of England. Its population is 17600 people. The game begins in 1980. The city will develop and grow until 1995.

    To install the map place the gs-file in addons folder in the directory of the game.
    For comfortable playing on map we recommend to set the level of traffic not more than 60%.

    Best regards
    Authors (julbobr&Omsk)