Soviet Dream

  • Soviet Dream

    Update of the USSR buildings pack has inspired me to create a new city where such buildings would be present. However it is not quite a typical Soviet city. This is how would look any big USSR city (in my imagination :) ) if the course of history has changed a bit and the USSR went on the "Chinese" way of development of the socialism: that is the fall of the “iron curtain”, the deployment of foreign advanced technologies and exchange of experience with foreign colleagues, the partial permission of private ownership of land and real estate, etc. All this would lead eventually to the prosperity of this great country and its inhabitants. So, welcome! Dream is a major administrative center with well-developed infrastructure. It has a lot of sights and picturesque corners. The city has been growing and developing till the end of 2010. The population at the beginning of 2011 is approximately 30 000 people.For comfortable playing on the map I recommend to set the level of traffic not more than 50%.