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    maps4cim - a real world map generator for CiM 2


    * resolved an issue that prevented downloading heightmaps

    * New data sources:
    - Grayscale heightmaps as source for elevations
    - Arbitrary images as source for ground textures
    - Custom OSM XML Files as source for ground textures
    * Full Support for the European Cities DLC. The building style of existing maps can be changed in the Metadata-Editor
    * Performance of OpenStreetMap-Downloads improved, the hard download limits were removed
    * Windows-Executable (.exe-file) - note: Java is still required!
    * Program Update Notifications
    * Cache Janitor: removes deprecated and broken files from the cache
    * Drastically improved error handling
    * Useful new options in the settings menu (log file, updates, cache janitor, ...)
    * Many small improvements and lots of bugfixes, see beta
    * This is a bugfix release, it changes the default Overpass server to, because the previous server caused trouble, and improves error handling for faulty OSM XML data
    * Lots of awesome features are in the pipeline for the 1.0 release!

    0.9.3 beta
    * Map header format analyzed: Can now write correct file name, preview image and creation date
    * Metadata-Editor introduced: Change the preview picture and some other hidden information about your maps
    * Usability-Improvements in the GUI

    source code
    full changelog