• Plastikman's MHQ TGV-Duplex Ver. 2.0
    By Plastikman

    I decided to update this set to the correct Duplex colors. I also fixed the centering on the track, added new pantograph's, Corrected the stats. and new bogies.

    2 Versions:
    1 Full length with the correct 2 powercars and 8 trailers.
    (Power car, 3 first class, Bar, 4 Second Class, Power car)

    1 Shortend to fit into a locomotion stations with 2 power cars and 6 trailers.
    (Power car, 1 first class, Bar, 3 Second Class, Power car)

    Includes New sounds.

    New paint job,
    New Pantograph's
    All new coding,
    Position on the tracks.
    Stats adjustments.
    New bogies

    Since the Locomotion Fanpage Logo is a TGV-Duplex, and there is not one released yet (on the Fanpage). I decided to make one for You guys.

    A lot of hard work went into the is conversion (one of my longest to make). the off center bogies were a real pain to set up. It is as close to the real thing as we can get in lomo.

    Please Enjoy,

    EDIT by Speedy: Screens angehängt.