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  • Colossal Order, die Macher der beiden Cities in Motion Teile haben auf der gamescom ihr neues Spiel bekannt gegeben - Cities: Skylines, eine Stadtsimulation ähnlich wie SimCity oder auch Cities XL. Publisher ist wieder Paradox Ineractive.

    Anbei der erste Trailer:

    COLOGNE, GERMANY — 14 August 2014 —
    Paradox Interactive revealed at Gamescom today an all-new city-building simulation game, Cities: Skylines, which will be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs in 2015.

    Developed by Colossal Order, the simulation virtuosos behind the Cities in Motion series, Cities: Skylines pulls players out of the public transportation offices and grants them the power of true urban planning and development. From zoning to building, from utilities to beautification, and from taxation to outreach, players of Cities: Skylines will have total control in endless sandbox gameplay across massive maps – all with extensive built-in mod support.

    Clear some real estate on your screen for a Cities: Skylines trailer:
    Paradox and Colossal Order invite players to create the cities of their dreams in Cities: Skylines, a massive city simulator from the creators of the Cities in Motion series. Vast backdrops and maps provide players with countless ways to improve and expand their cities, building from humble beginnings up to beautiful, cloud-hugging structures and unique architectural marvels.

    Cities: Skylines will Feature:
    • Designed to Impress: Massive map sizes and deep, detailed design controls allow players to construct the cities of their dreams, running everything from road building and zoning to public services and taxation – and, yes, public transportation
    • Policy and Progress: Set a series of civic policies to guide the city’s growth; fine-tune the placement and direction of local districts
    • Local Beautification: Admire the vastness of your city in a polished visual style and manage a living, breathing city, all the way down to realistic water flow in the irrigation systems
    • The Sky is Not the Limit: Strive to build up a city towards jaw-dropping endgame “wonders,” and then go beyond what is possible with built-in game modding tools

    Webseite: citiesskylines.com
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