Maps4cim Application Error

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    • Maps4cim Application Error

      Hello, I'm having problems with the Maps4Cim application. Everytime I try to generate a map it says 'The task "generating map" finished with errors:the intended relief map could not be generated'. What does that mean and how do I fix it? Here is this entire log


      18:38:11.576 [INFO]: Map Generator has been started.
      18:38:11.576 [DEBUG]: Using SRTM as source for the map's relief
      18:38:11.577 [DEBUG]: Using OpenStreetMap as source for the map's texture
      18:38:11.589 [DEBUG]: Initializing the Map Generator...
      18:38:11.590 [DEBUG]: Ressources initialized. The map will now be written...
      18:38:11.591 [INFO]: Writing resulting map to file C:\Users\seacr\AppData\LocalLow\Colossal Order\Cities in Motion 2\Maps\
      18:38:11.591 [INFO]: Writing file header...
      18:38:11.591 [INFO]: The relief map will be generated for an area of 7.0x7.0km, with the center at (1.4214°, 103.7983°). The virtual zero height will be set to the highest possible value and all elevations are scaled by factor 1.14.
      18:38:11.591 [DEBUG]: Retrieving SRTM data.
      18:38:11.618 [DEBUG]: SRTM Tile (1,103) has been loaded from cache.
      18:38:11.619 [ERROR]: I/O Exception while processing the relief.
      18:38:11.620 [ERROR]: Error while processing the relief map, archive is not a ZIP archive :?:
      Falling back to a simple planar relief.
      18:38:11.624 [INFO]: Storing relief in native CiM2-Map format
      18:38:11.800 [DEBUG]: Relief was written to file
      18:38:11.801 [INFO]: The ground textures will be generated for an area of 7.0x7.0km, with the center at (1.4214°, 103.7983°). Data source: OpenStreetMap via Overpass API.
      18:38:11.801 [DEBUG]: Downloading OpenStreetMap data from the Overpass servers. This might take a few minutes...
      18:39:39.846 [DEBUG]: Download from server finished in 1.467 min
      18:39:39.846 [DEBUG]: Parsing OSM XML with a little help from Osmosis API
      18:39:40.689 [DEBUG]: Preparing OSM data for rendering
      18:39:40.884 [DEBUG]: Rendering 35 layers of OSM data
      18:39:41.317 [DEBUG]: Converting rendered image to native CiM2-Texture data
      18:39:41.418 [INFO]: Storing texture map in native CiM2-Map format
      18:39:41.648 [DEBUG]: Texture map was written to file
      18:39:41.649 [INFO]: Writing game objects (postfix)...
      18:39:41.656 [WARN]: The task "generating map" finished with errors:
      the intended relief map could not be generated
      18:39:41.656 [WARN]: Something went wrong, so your map has been generated in fallback mode (probably it's just empty).
      Please review the errors and post this log in the forums if you are not sure how to fix them.